Visas for scientists, university professors and researchers holders of a "convention d’accueil"

For stays up to 90 days or below, U.S. Citizens, and citizens of nationalities part of the Visa Waiver Program, do not need a short stay visa if they are holders of a duly signed “Convention d’Accueil”; however, that “Convention d’Accueil” will need to be presented to the customs and border agent when crossing the border into France or any other Schengen State.

All other nationalities are still required to obtain a short stay visa for scientist-researcher / researcher-teaching.

For more information on nationalities requiring a short stay visa, please click here :


If you require a visa, please schedule your appointment at :



  • For each applicant :

- The ORIGINAL and a COPY of your passport (identification pages) – passport must have been issued less that 10 years ago, valid for at least 3 months beyond the applicant’s last intended date of stay in France, in good condition, and with at least 2 facing blank visa pages left.
- A copy of a proof of address in our consular jurisdiction : copy of recent utility bill or lease agreement or deed of house/apartment, under your name or copy of driver’s licence or state ID
- 1 Short or Long Stay Application Form (fully filled out) :
- 1 ID Photograph (Please make sure that you have a white background and that you are not smiling and your mouth is closed)
- The ORIGINAL and a COPY of the “Convention d’Accueil”
- For long stay (more than 6 months) : OFII form duly completed

  • In addition, for the accompanying spouse :

- A copy of your marriage certificate

  • In addition, for the accompanying child :

- A copy of his/her birth certificate

- Processing fees, depending on the length of the stay: payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) only.

If you wish the consulate to keep your passport and mail it back to you with the visa on it you can bring a self-addressed prepaid EXPRESS MAIL envelope from the US POST OFFICE ONLY
Please fill out the mailing label as follows:

Your name & address
Your name & address

Short stay visas will be issued the day after you apply, unless your nationality requires a processing time. To figure out if your nationality requires a processing time, please check out the processing time section of the following link:


The processing time for long stay visa applications are on average 2-3 weeks upon receipt of your application(s), regardless of your nationality; THERE ARE NO EXPEDITED PROCESS FOR VISAS.

Last modified on 13/05/2014

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