Requirements for your passport

Your passport can only be accepted by the visa officer if it meets the following requirements :

- Passport valid for at least three months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in the Schengen states. Please make sure that :

  • your passport has a minimum of two facing blank pages (to affix the visa and for border stamps). Only visa pages are valid, amendments pages cannot be used for visas or entry stamps.
  • your passport is in good condition (any slight damage, even to the cover, can be considered as a compromission of the security of the travel document and declined at the visa section or at the border)
  • your passport allows proper identification of the bearer without any doubt (for example, passports of adults with passport pictures in their young ages may not be accepted)
  • your passport has been issued less than 10 years ago (first issuance) . Even if it has been renewed since then by your country, we will decline your passport for a visa application and you will have to renew it prior to applying.

The immigration officer of the visa section has full authority to decline a passport that would not meet the requirements and request a renewed one before you can apply for a visa at the French consulate.

Last modified on 10/03/2016

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