Employees and temporary workers

1. Do I need a visa?

Yes except if you are a citizen of Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco or the European Union.

2. How to obtain a long stay visa to work in France?

Any foreigner wishing to work in France must first find a job on his/her own.


The employer in France draws up a work contract and fills in a petition to the local Labour Office -DIRECCTE-. The contract, if approved, will then be sent for final approval to the French Office of Immigration -OFII- to get the work permit


Once endorsed by the OFII, the work permit is directly transmitted to the appropriate French consulate, where the visa will be issued.


Once the file has been transferred to the relevant French consulate, the consulate sends an email or a letter to the applicant’s home address requiring each passport holder to make an appointment and come in person (spouse + children) to apply for the long stay visa.

3. How to make an appointment?

Once you received a letter or an email from the General Consulate in Washington DC and have gathered all the required documents, you may book an appointment online.

Click here to make an appointment in Washington DC

4. Processing time

Please note that a long stay visa takes 2 to 3 weeks to be approved. Processing time depends on your citizenship. If you are a passport holder of one of the following countries, the process can take up to 2 months : 

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh
Congo DRC Egypt Iran
Irak Jordan Lebanon
Libya Mauritania Nigeria
North Korea Pakistan Palestinian Authority
Rwanda Saoudi Arabia Somalia
South Sudan Sudan Syria
Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen
Zimbabwe US Refugee Travel Document US Re-entry Permit
5. Requirements

Processing fees can be paid ONLY by credit card (Visa, Mastercard only).
Be aware that the visa section does not make copies. Please provide us with the original and the copy of each each required document.

  • valid passport with 2 blank "visas" pages + one copy of the ID pages of your passport
  • a proof of residence in our jurisdiction (lease, driver’s license, house deed)
  • the OFII Form
  • 2 long stay application forms (only one for US citizens) if you wish to be authorized to work more than 3 months in France
  • 2 short stay application forms for alien residents in the US intending to work in France less than 3 months.
  • if you wish the consulate to keep your passport and mail it back to you with the visa on it you can bring a self-addressed prepaid EXPRESS MAIL envelope from the US POST OFFICE ONLY
    Please fill out the mailing label as follows:
Your name & address
Your name & address
6. Important information
  • If you wish to move to France with your spouse and/or children, please make sure that a procedure of "famille accompagnante" has been taken care of by the employer. Otherwise, a "visitor visa" could be issued for them.
  • Our address is 4101 Reservoir Road, NW Washington DC 20007. This information and many others can be found under the "general information" section.

Last modified on 09/05/2014

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