Appointment system (Visas)

Prior to making your appointment, you are strongly advised to read the requirements relating to the visas for which you wish to apply. Please click here

It is the responsibility of every applicant to make sure they book an appointment prior to coming to the visa office.


Waiting periods:

All applicants should be aware that the processing times are average, and that the processing time of a specific case may vary due to individual circumstances and other special requirements. We strongly recommend that applicants do not make nonrefundable travel arrangements until they receive the approval for their visa; visa applicants should never assume their application will be automatically approved.


IMPORTANT! Depending on the work charge, applicants may have to wait longer during peak travel periods and holiday seasons, and are therefore advised to take an appointment as early as possible. In the summer and winter, the planning may be full with no appointments available for up to 4 weeks. Travel plans shouldn’t be made accordingly to the day you iniate the process and apply for an appointment online, but accordingly to the day you find one. When you sucessfully scheduled an appointment with the visa section, you may plan a departure accordingly to it, and not closer than 3 weeks (appointments too close from your departure may expose you to reschedule your trip, and therefore extra expenses, if you are requested to come back because your documentation is incomplete or your visa take time to be processed). Should you fail to find an appointment online early in advance for your planned trip, you are strongly advised to postpone the travel plans before showing up at the visa office. You cannot apply for a visa with a departure planned in more than 3 months (12 weeks) in advance.


Sending documents to the consulate:

The visa section does not accept letters of invitation sent directly or faxed to the Consulate in support of visa applications, or any other document. The originals of such letters should be brought by the applicant to the scheduled interview, together with one set of photocopies per applicant.


On the day of the appointment:

Applicants arriving late will not be accomodated and must reschedule their appointments.

No appointment will be given at the counter, or by e-mail or by phone.

Only the applicant is admitted to the interview, unless he/she needs to be accompanied owing to age, ill health or difficulties in speaking French or English.

Minor applicants have to be accompanied by their mother or father or legal guardian at the personal interview.



IMPORTANT: While booking your appointment online, please write down your reference number (starting with WAS.20... ) appearing in the first pop-up window .



The Appointment system is working from a PC with preferably Mozilla Firefox (the system does not work with Internet Explorer 9) or from an Apple Macintosh Computer with Firefox. Safari and Chrome browsers are NOT supported. please use and alternate internet browser to book your appointment.

If you are ready to book an appointment, please click here.

Last modified on 10/03/2016

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